AQUACIAT Free Cooling (184 to 485 kW)

Product overview


AQUACIAT Free Cooling modules are delivered with the following components as standard:

– Exchanger coils with axial fan motor assemblies.

– Hydraulic circuit with 3-way flow distribution valve, coil shut-off valve, drain and bleed valves, etc.

– Command and control electrics box.

– Aeroconnect electronic control module.


9 models available

Range of Use:

Cooling capacity from 185 to 485 kW


The FREE COOLING system integrated AQUACIATPOWER range allows significant energy savings to be made by tapping into the kilo calories contained in the outdoor air as soon as the climatic conditions allow rather than using a refrigerating circuit.

The energy efficiency of the system can thus reach an EER of 60.

Features & benefits

  • Air/water exchange coil placed in front of the water chiller
  • Simultaneous operation with the water chiller
  • Piloting of both the free cooling module and the water chiller via AeroCONNECT optimising the operation of the overall installation and the recovery of calories