POWERCIAT 2 (600 to 1350 kW)

Product Overview


POWERCIAT2 units are packaged machines supplied as standard with the following components:\

– Screw compressors

– Shell and tube dry expansion chilled-water type evaporator

– Air-cooled micro-channel exchangers with axial fan motor ass1:imbly

– Electrical power and remote control cabinet:

general electrical power supply 400V-3ph-50Hz (+10% / -10%) + earth

transformer fitted as standard on the machine for supplying the remote control circuit with 230 V-1ph-50 Hz (+10%/-10%)

– CIAT XTRACONNECT 2 electronic control module

– Casing for outdoor installation

Range :


High energy efficiency (HEE) class A version

Standard energy version (STD) class B

LX: water chiller without hydraulic system

LXC: water chiller with hydraulic circulation pump (optional buffer tank)

9 models from size 2800X to 6400X for the standard version

10 models from size 2500X to 4800X for High energy efficiency HEE version

3 sound levels available for both energy versions

High Efficiency (HEE) – Low Noise (HEELN) – Extra Low Noise (HEEXLN) for the HEE version

Standard (STD) – Low Noise (STDLN) – Extra Low Noise (STDXLN) for the standard version

Range of use :

Cooling capacity : 600 to 1350 kW


The new generation of high efficiency POWERCIAT2 air-cooled water chillers provides an optimal solution for all cooling applications in offices, healthcare facilities, industries, administration and commercial premises and collective housing buildings.

These units are designed to be installed outdoors and do not need to be protected from the weather.

This new range is optimised to run with the ozone-friendly HFC refrigerant R410A and thereby meet the most demanding environmental protection and high seasonal energy efficiency (ESEER) requirements.


Features & benefits

  • R-134A refrigerant
  • EUROVENT “CLASS A” or “CLASS B” energy class depending on the energy version.
  • Compact design and small footprint for outdoor installation
  • RAL 7024/7035 metal housing
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits
  • New-generation, high-efficiency screw compressors
  • High efficiency shell and tubes dry expansion evaporator
  • High efficiency all-aluminium micro-channel air-cooled condenser
  • Electrical cabinet complete with remote-control transformer, safety switch, wire numbers and identification of the location of main electrical components
  • Controlled by CIAT’s multilingual XTRACONNECT 2 PLC with many anticipatory functions and master/slave control of two machines
  • Communication with BMS via an RS-485 interface (Modbus/Jbus and Ethernet as standard – LON as option