Drypack Biogas Dehumidification

Product overview


Drypack One, processing up to 800 Nm3/h of biogas, is an offer comprising 8 models configured to suit the most common operating conditions of agricultural biogas installations. These skids are equipped with AQUALIS or AQUACIAT chillers. An optional post heater may be installed which allows the relative humidity to be reduced by heating the biogas via recovery of calories from the engine. This solution requires low investment and has low operating costs.

Drypack Flex, with processing capacities up to 2500 Nm3/h, represents the best compromise between adaptation to needs and ease of installation. CIAT selects and optimises the system components to match the installation-specific data. The system is delivered on a frame with all the advantages of »Plug & Dry». This solution can include an economizer, namely an auxiliary exchanger which reduces the cooling capacity and provides post heating with no need for additional outside heat. This equipment significantly reduces the operating costs.


Drypack One : Eight models in a fixed arrangement, post-heater optional

Drypack Flex : Some 250 configurations possible, economiser optional

Range of use :

Drypack One up to 800 Nm3/h

Drypack Flex up to 2,500 Nm3/h


Biogas offers enormous potential for savings in the production of electricity, heat or biomethane. In its raw state, it contains many impurities (H2S, NH3, siloxanes, etc.) and a large amount of water vapour. This vapour reduces energy efficiency and compromises the service life of the recovery systems, in particular the engine and purification equipment. Drypack is an efficient dehumidification solution that is easy to install and maintain for farmers, industrial plants, wastewater treatment plants, waste facilities, etc.

Features & benefits

  • Optimised heat exchange
  • Chiller energy efficiency
  • Highly efficient droplet separation
  • Ozone-friendly R41 OA refrigerant
  • Built-in hydraulic kit
  • Eurovent-certified performance