Product overview


Two ranges:

  • Electromechanical on/off control based on air temperature
  • Electromechanical on/off control based on water temperature

Wall-mount version to be installed by fitter.


CIAT’s RTR-E on/off controllers are designed to control system-powered air-conditioning terminal units (fan coil units, UTA, cassettes, etc.) in 2-tube applications (air temperature-based control) and 2-tube/2-wire or 4-tube applications (water temperature-based control) using recirculated air. Not only does it combine the economic benefits of installing and operating a central boiler and chiller plant, it also allows individual temperature control in all rooms.

Features & benefits

Depending on model selected:

  • On/Off button
  • Manual fan speed selector (three speeds)
  • Manual summer/winter toggle switch
  • Terminals available with temperature adjustment dial