V 30

Product overview


3 models:

  • Wall-mounted with potentiometer, to be connected by installer
  • Wall-mounted with potentiometer, Hotel version, to be connected by installer
  • Built-in factory fitted in terminal units


The V30 control system is a specific CIAT control system with an innovative design, developed thanks to our expertise and dedicated to fan coil units.

The V30 control system is a CIAT electronic control system devised to control a non-independent air conditioning terminal unit (UTA and cassette-type fan coil units…) for applications using 2 pipes, 2 pipes/2 wires, 4 pipes with recycled air.

Features & benefits

  • Electronic On/Off control
  • Potentiometer for setting the desired temperature (hotel version)
  • A single electronic terminal that meets all individual control needs.
  • The accuracy of electronic control programmable by switches.
  • Window contact for energy savings.
  • 3 fan speed