Valves and Servomotors

Product Overview



Standard valves:

These compact linear flat surface valves are used in connection with their thermo or 3-point motors to adjust the hot and/or chilled water flow in control systems for our comfort units.

Self-balancing valves:

These valves enable the flow to be balanced and controlled in accordance with the thermal requirement of the comfort units. The 2-way “self-balancing” valves are now integrated into our offer and are available either assembled onto the unit or delivered in kit form depending on the ranges and models.

3-point motors:

These motors are designed to be combined with standard 3-point valves. They enable modulating control by three points; this is known as floating control which means that the opening and closing of the valve is driven by 2 distinct signals, the absence of a signal being considered by the servomotor as a holding point with no action.

The valve thus operates on a “modulating” range from 0 to 100% of its course.

Thermo motors:

Thermo motors enable the valves to be controlled precisely and reliably for rooms and zones. The integrated functions offer multiple uses, simplified assembly and durability. The click-adapter allows rapid, tool-free assembly. The servomotor saves space thanks to its compact design. It also displays the position of the valve. The connecting cable is provided; it is prewired and pluggable.

The thermal motors allow on/off or chrono proportional control.


Thermo valves, 3-point valves, self-balancing valves, 3-point valve motors and thermo valve motors.


These valves combined with their motors and controllers allow the water flow to be adjusted according to the requirements of the comfort unit.

Features & benefits

  • Compact design, can be assembled in small spaces.
  • Low consumption.