Product Overview


  • Complete packaged unit
  • Easily removable casing in coated galvanised sheet metal
  • Front panels in ABS plastic
  • KUB free-standing modular frame separate from the casing
  • Scroll R410A compressor
  • Asymmetric cross-flow brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic module on each of the 2 exchangers with class A variable speed accelerator pumps and 10 L expansion vessels
  • HomeConnect regulation module with radio control station (IO Homecontrol® radio protocol)
  • Domestic hot water options and mixer tank with 6 nozzles available in a KUB module for quick installation and exceptional performance


Available in 4 models including one 3-ph version

Heating capacity from 5 to 9 kW at 0/-3°C 30/35°C
Heating capacity from 7 to 13 kW at 10/7°C 30/35°C


Reversible heat pump on horizontal or vertical sensor (using ground water as an option) for heating individual homes or small businesses. Passive cooling optional (Geocooling option).

GeoCIATTM Modular integrates all the hydraulic components on the loop and emitter sides. It can be connected to underfloor heating and cooling system type emitters, terminal units (fan coil units, water cassettes) or low temperature radiators.


Omkeerbare warmtepomp met verticale of horizontale sensor (in grondwater als optie) voor de verwarming van woonhuizen en kleine kantoren. Passieve koeling als optie (Geocooling-optie).


 GeoCIATTM Modular bevat alle hydraulische componenten behalve de collectoren en de radiatoren en kan worden aangesloten op de vloerverwarming/-koeling, ventilatorconvectoren of lage temperatuur radiatoren.