Coadis Line 900 (3 to 11 kW)

Product overview


Both sleek and efficient, the innovative Coadis Line meets the most demanding heating and cooling needs while ensuring optimal indoor air quality for occupants of tertiary buildings.

Range of Use:

Heating capacity: 3 kW to 20 kW

Cooling capacity : 3 to 11 kW

Air flow rate 550 to 1400 m3/h h


Nine sizes available.

2-pipe, 4-pipe and 2-pipe/2-wire applications.

“Visual” effect diffuser, 360° outlet.

Epure or G3 filtration.


Active comfort unit on water loop, which can be integrated in suspended ceiling. Enables the room temperature to be adjusted independently and individually to suit occupants’ preferences, with very short response times. Intended for offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, shop units and entrance halls.

Features & benefits

  • Highly responsive system to quickly obtain the desired comfort level.
  • Diffusion by Coanda effect across 180° or 360° for perfect control of thermal and air phenomena which cause discomfort.
  • Epure function for optimal indoor air quality.
  • Energy optimisation:

– High Energy Efficiency (HEE) motor.

– Optimised hydraulic coil with low pressure drop.

  • Optimised acoustic comfort thanks to variable-speed motor.
  • Excellent accessibility for simplified maintenance.
  • Flexiway system for greater modularity.

(Visual interchangeable 180° or 360° diffuser)

  • Modern, elegant design to ensure perfect integration in suspended ceiling.
  • Ecodesigned product for a reduced environmental impact.