Comfort Line Ducted (0.6 to 9 kW)

Product overview


Comfort Line, the customisable solution to provide summer and winter comfort in new and renovated buildings.

Range of Use:

Heating capacity: 1 to 12 kW

Cooling capacity : 0.6 to 9 kW


Available in 5 sizes and 12 models

  • I model
  • Y model
  • H model
  • U model
  • LI model
  • LY model


The Comfort Line ducted units are designed for installation in ceiling voids to heat and cool spaces in large businesses, hotels and healthcare facilities. Not only does it combine the economic benefits of installing and running the centralized production of hot and chilled water, it also allows individual temperature control in all rooms.


Features & benefits

  • Minimal dimensions in the suspended ceilings.
  • Integration of the latest technical developments with a very-low-consumption HEE motor and the Epure function for high indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Available in 3 versions:

– Comfort Line Premium (HEE motor and Epure function)

– Comfort Line Standard (HEE motor and G3 filter)

– Comfort Line Basic (5-speed AC motor and G3 filter)

  • Total flexibility and adaptability (assembly, water temperature, diffusion, filtration, etc.).
  • Easy maintenance, simplified access.