Major Line (0.7 to 7 kW)

Product overview


CIAT’s Major Line marks a revolution in comfort units. With its pure lines and an ecologically-based design that meet new building requirements, Major Line is the solution you’ve been waiting for.


6 Sizes: (casing) and 17 sizes (capacity):

Vertical cased model

Horizontal cased model

Vertical uncased model

Horizontal uncased model

Range of Use:

Heating capacity: 1 to 11.5 kW (Eurovent rate)

Cooling capacity : 1.4 to 7 kW ((Eurovent rate)

Air flow rates from 145 to 1460 m3/h


Major Line cased model: for vertical installation on a wall or floor or horizontal installation at ceiling level.

Major Line uncased model: for vertical installation on a wall or horizontal installation in a suspended ceiling.

Features & benefits

  • Two-material, two-colour casing
  • New high-performance coil design
  • Coil type: two or four pipe; two-pipe/two-wire
  • Main condensate pan made of ABS-V0
  • Five-speed motor wired to and available on terminal block
  • Scroll housing(s) made of ABS-V0. Two-piece construction for full accessibility to fan motor assembly components.
  • HEE impellers with airfoil blades
  • G3 regenerative polyester fibre filter